Deltrix offers a complete solution to your self-service kiosk requirements.


While Deltrix is a new name, it brings together one of the most respected names in manufacturing and a management team with almost 100 years of self-service experience.

Traditionally the barriers to a retail self-service strategy in place were cost and complexity. The solutions were expensive and made the business case difficult to justify. The requirements included software development and a physical element to install and maintain the kiosk estate. At Deltrix we aim to reduce these barriers and bring a self-service strategy within reach.

Deltrix has extensive expertise in sourcing and engineering. Our production facility is truly state of the art, one of the very few awarded the prestigious Industry 4.0 certification. Software development comprises two principle streams – the interface and customer interaction and the management systems – both areas in which we have 25 years of developing successful high volume and high-value transactions. The management and monitoring systems scan the network and can automatically raise tickets and trigger a service call if required, offering a ‘hands-off’ approach to the kiosk estate.

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