In addition to our custom design capabilities, Deltrix also offers a range of ‘off the shelf’ kiosk designs. These standard models may be customized to your specific requirements by including a complete range of input and output components.

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Payment may be accepted as cash, card or coupon. We have extensive experience in designing secure payment solutions with full audit controls. Real-time data permits an overview of all payments and cash stored, itemised by each individual note.

Card and contactless payments are increasingly popular, as the cost of card acceptance continues to fall and new solutions enhance the customer experience.

Payment by coupon or code is rapidly growing, reducing the overhead of returns and offers.

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Printing options include the standard 80mm thermal roll, providing thousands of receipts with almost zero interaction apart from refilling. The printers are robust but simple to change paper, with automatic feed to the proper head.

Where the customer application requires a printed output, full size laser printers may be included.

Printer integration includes low paper and no paper warnings, and the transaction will not commence unless paper is present and the transaction may be concluded.

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2D scanning is ubiquitous, used to provide information, provide identity and make payment. We offer scanners capable of scanning in bright light and of scanning smart phone screens.

For proof of identity we can include a passport scanner.

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Know Your Customer is increasingly a point of pain for retailers and service providers. Checking ID is no longer a matter of proving age, but can be a time consuming and laborious process  – made even more complex with the requirement to securely store this information.

Deltrix have amassed extensive experience in KYC requirements and operation. From integrating passports or ID cards, validating the photo and matching with the presenter, to fingerprint scanning to iris recognition, we can provide the solution.

Our floor standing kiosk has been configured as a payment and cash management solution in the marijuana industry – Cash Teller

The fastest-growing product at this time is Food Ordering

In a changing Retail Environment, see the advantages of a self-service kiosk

With our in-house design and engineering teams, we can make your concept a reality.