As we enter a changed retail environment, the Cash Teller allows retailers to remove the cash problem from their tellers. The Cash Teller accepts cash payments and stores the cash in a secure safe, ready to be collected by your CIT provider.

The Deltrix Cash Teller is a kiosk designed for large cash handling applications, such as the marijuana dispensary. The design and security features are the result of our extensive cash-handling expertise. Electronic locks mean an end to key management, any attempted forced entry locks down the kiosk and triggers security measures.

Every note is logged and the cash count is constantly updated on your dashboard. Cash collections can be triggered automatically, using tamper-evident cassettes. To avoid overly frequent calls, staff can securely store cassettes in the internal safe.

  • Cash to Credit – airtime or gaming codes
  • FX kiosk, with recycling capability to reduce the requirements for cash refills.
  • Bitcoin or cryptocurrency ATM.

We can integrate the most up to date biometric age verification systems.

All products are fully customisable, the base configuration is:

  • Industrial PC with Windows 10, Windows IOT, Android or Linux
  • P-CAP Touchscreen, 21”and 27”
  • Thermal Printer, 80mm or 56mm
  • 2D Barcode scanner
  • Payment Terminal
  • Bill Acceptor, capable of holding $50,000
  • Electronic Locking System – no keys required
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